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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Do you offer care on early release days?

    Yes, xPlore will start immediately after school on early release days. There is no additional charge for xPlore on these early release days.

  • For my income taxes, how do I know how much I paid?

    Income Tax Information

    Account owners who have made at least one payment in the system can use the Download Tax Information button from the Account Management Tools to obtain a copy of the tax statement report. Payments on the tax statements are categorized by payer.

    Receipts can be downloaded from the Your History section online. Receipts are only visible to the person that made the specific payment (not by all account owners).

  • How do I make payments?

    xPlore is a pre-paid program. The weekly tuition (Consistent Plan) is due by the each Monday.

    All payments are made on-line by logging into your Eleyo Account.

  • How do I update who can pick up my child from xPlore?

    To update your emergency contacts/pickups, please log into your xPlore Account and click on "Account Management" and update student's contacts.

  • See the verbiage changes below.

    • PRIOR                                              ELEYO
    • Agreements                                      Releases
    • Contracts                                          Applications
    • Programs                                          Seasons
    • Application                                        Contract
  • What device can I use to register for xPlore?

    RISD xPlore! now uses Eleyo, a convenient mobile-friendly online tool to register and manage your account from any device, including your smartphone or tablet.

  • What does "season" mean?

    With EZChildTrack, we referred to Summer xPlore , Holiday xPlore and Regular xPlore as programs. We will now refer to them as seasons due to the software.

  • What is an agreement?

    Prior to Eleyo, we referred to these as "releases". These are non-negotiable and parents must agree to these in order to enroll in any xPlore program/season.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us with what's on your mind.